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 £15,000 PER YEAR

The hidden costs of fuelling your fleet add up

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Stop paying fuel card fees for every transaction.


Invoices are emailed direct to your accounts team on a weekly basis.


Onsite refuels eliminates fuel theft by employees. No cash floats required.


By setting a schedule, vehicles are

automatically refuelled.


Vehicles usable for an extra

30 - 40 minutes per day.


Staff no longer need to take the vehicles to petrol stations, saving 30 - 40 minutes per employee


Fuelswipe Fleet removes all the hidden costs, saving you tens of thousands of pounds per year

Based upon a 15-vehicle fleet, Fuelswipe is over £15,000 cheaper

per year

I fill my fleet vehicles at the petrol station. Why change?

There are many direct and indirect costs of fuelling your fleet at the petrol station, including fuel card transaction fees, and loss of employees time fuelling and processing which could be spent on more effective things. It is estimated that fleet operators lose 0.5% of their fuel per year due to shrinkage. Fuelswipe eliminates shrinkage and saves you money. Our fuel rates are competitive, and we guarantee unlimited fill ups within our monthly service package irrespective of how many vehicles we fill at any one time. We can set an account up for you in minutes, and schedule daily, weekly, monthly schedules to suit your needs.

But my company doesn't pay for employee's fuel?

If your staff fuel their own cars, why not offer them a staff incentive of free delivery when fuelled at the office. We only charge one delivery fee regardless of how many cars we're filling in any one location (up to 16 cars per order). Call us set up your unique company code or to schedule your company's fuel delivery service.

How much money will I save with Fuelswipe?

If you ran a fleet of 15 vehicles, on average you'd fill up close to 800 times a years. In addition to the cost of the fuel, there is approximately £15,000 of hidden costs associated with purchasing the fuel. With Fuelswipe all these costs are removed, saving you around 15% on your current fuel consumption.