Frequently asked questions

What is Fuelswipe?

Fuelswipe is an app based service delivering diesel straight to your car, whereever you are. The app allows you to schedule a Fuelswipe delivery whilst you’re at work, home, shopping or the gym, weekdays and weekends, day or night.

Do I need to be present when my vehicle is filled with fuel?

No. Just leave your fuel flap ajar and we'll do the rest.

What types of fuel does Fuelswipe deliver?

Fuelswipe currently delivers [road] diesel and red diesel [for generators] with plans to introduce Unleaded Petrol in the near future.

What areas are being serviced by Fuelswipe right now?

Fuelswipe is launching in Greater Manchester in Hale, Bowdon, Altrincham, Sale and Trafford Park. You can see the current and soon to be launched delivery postcodes on the map.

What are Fuelswipe's hours of operation?

We deliver twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Use our app to search for the cheapest delivery slots. Many of our customers enjoy having fuel delivered while they are at the office, the gym or at home with family, thus freeing up time for things more important than waiting for a pump at a petrol station.

How much does the fuel cost?

Fuel is charged in line with the local petrol stations. We lock in your petrol price at the point your make your order, and we hold this price, even if there has been an increase in fuel prices since placing your order.

Why is there a service charge?

The service charge is our delivery fee, the same as you would pay for a Deliveroo takeaway. Our service charges vary at different times of the day. It is always cheapest to book in advance and / or book an overnight timeslot.

Is there a charge for cancelling a Fuelswipe order?

No, so long as Fuelswipe are not on their way to your car. You will receive a notification on your mobile when the Fuelswipe driver starts your order. If you need to cancel an order, we suggest doing so before the start of your delivery window to ensure the driver has not been allocated your order; otherwise you may be charged the service charge.

How do I know I’m getting the amount of fuel I paid for?

Fuelswipe is Weights and Measures certified and uses the exact same pump and meter technology you’d find at a petrol station, including an auto shutoff when your tank reaches its full capacity. Records of the fuel delivered are kept from each order.

How do I select how much fuel I need?

Fuelswipe always top your tank up to full so you don't need to refuel for as long as possible, and so there is no need to quantify how much fuel you might need. Please note, however, that if you park your car on a hill, the angle may prevent us from filling your tank completely.

How do I pay for Fuelswipe?

Using any credit or debit card which is pre-loaded in the app when you make your first order. Payment details are kept securely via Stripe to ensure you have full protection at all times.

What's a pre-authorisation process?

When you register your payment details for the first time, Stripe — our payment processor — sends a request to the issing bank for a pre-authorisation fee. This is not a charge. It verifies the account has funds to cover the transaction. A pre-authorisation fee is taken and immediately returned to your card. Following which, the pre-authorisation request is immediately cancelled. Depending on who you bank with with depend on the speed of the refund (can be as quick as minutes, although some banks may take a little longer).

How can I get Fuelswipe?

Easy. Download our app from the App store or Google Play using the Apple or Google Play icons at the side of this screen, and follow the simple instructions to set up your account.

Do I need to be at my car while it’s being filled?

No. That's the beauty of Fuelswipe. Just book your delivery on our app and we’ll take care of the rest. Our trucks are certified and our drivers go through hours of safety training, so we’ll make sure to treat your car like it’s our own child.

How does the Fuelswipe delivery driver identify my car?

Before making an order, you will enter your vehicle's registration number. Our system will automatically detect the model, make, colour, and year, so we can easily find your car.

How do you deal with locking petrol flaps?

Fuelswipe reminds you to open your fuel flap when the driver starts his journey. You then leave the fuel flap slightly ajar so your Fuelswipe driver can access the tank. When your car’s tank is filled, we will close your fuel flap for you.

What if my car is parked in a garage or car park?

Here are a few ways you can help us reach your vehicle if it is in a garage: 1. Leave an access code in the “Driver’s notes” section when making your order. 2. Leave your garage door open, with instructions in the "Driver's notes" on how to close it afterwards. If it's a car park, notify your parking attendant we are coming. Many paid garages allow free entry and exit within 15 minutes. In this case, we can enter without an issue. (Please keep in mind that we must follow laws and rules of property owners. Some locations with unusual terrain or low clearance can not be entered. If we can’t enter, we will give you up to five minutes to move your vehicle to an accessible location.)

What if my car isn’t easy to access?

Fuelswipe vehicles are equipped with a 15 metre hose, so we’re able to reach most vehicles, even if our van can’t get close to them.

Is Fuelswipe safe?

Absolutely. Safety is our top priority. We have taken every step to ensure we meet industry standards, including undergoing dangerous goods awareness training. We have also implemented safety, regulatory and ethical procedures to mitigate possible risks.

I’m outside your service area. How long will I have to wait for Fuelswipe to be in my city?

Fuelswipe is expanding rapidly. Enter your email and postcode on our home page, and you’ll be the first to know when Fuelswipe is available in your area.

Is fuel delivery a dangerous new concept?

No. Fuelswipe vehicles carry small 950 litre tanks made from industrial-grade aluminium. While large petrol tankers carrying 42,000 litres are safe, we use small vehicles that are cost effective, environmentally friendly, and they can quietly squeeze into tight places.

Is Fuelswipe better for the environment?

Absolutely. Imagine 15 neighbours driving back and fourth to a petrol station. One Fuelswipe truck could complete the same journey in one trip. Moreover, at petrol stations, the petrol and diesel had to sit in underground tanks. Those tanks have caused hundreds of thousands of litres of underground leaks nationwide. Those leaks seep into the groundwater. This increases the risk of major leaks and the distance people drive to fill up. In addition, many petrol stations have corroded vapour recovery boots and nozzles that needlessly release carcinogens into the air. On top of all this, petrol stations consume large amounts of power to run, even during low traffic periods such as the middle of the night. Three Fuelswipe trucks have the capability of servicing the same amount of cars as a petrol station, eliminating the impact from underground tanks. Fuelswipe purchases fuel from the same above-ground fuel dispensaries that other major petrol stations use. Our tanks and nozzles are checked daily to ensure that there are no leaks or unnecessary vapour loss. Our hazmat-certified drivers use filling techniques that prevent spills and are equipped with spill containment kits. Fuelswipe is better for the environment than petrol stations.​

What is the risk of Fuelswipe starting a fire from static electricity?

Slim to none. Fuelswipe drivers are discharged from any static electricity because our pumps are grounded and our drivers never leave the vehicle while filling. We believe that this brings our risk of a fire caused by static electricity down to virtually zero. Petrol stations have up to 18 fires caused by static electricity per year. Most of these rare occurrences are caused by people (mostly women with statically charged clothing) who leave the pump and return without grounding themselves. Here is research and a video on why you should never reenter your vehicle while fueling your car. See:

Would a Fuelswipe vehicle catch fire in the event of an accident?

The risk of fire from our small fuel tanks is low because they are completely separate from the vehicle and made from strong industrial-grade aluminium. Also because diesel has an extremely high burning temperature, it has to be extremely hot for diesel to catch alight or burn.

Can I get Fuelswipe for a motorcycle or scooter?

Yes, we'll even fill your boats too.

I love Fuelswipe. How can I help spread the word?

We love hearing how our customers benefit from Fuelswipe. If having fuel delivered anytime, anywhere is blowing your mind, spread the word to your friends, family and coworkers and benefit from a £5 voucher for both your and your friend, as our way of saying thank you. You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and leave a review for us in the App Store or Google Play.

How does Fuelswipe compete with petrol stations?

By removing the overhead associated with running a brick-and-mortar station, we’re able to offer prices comparable with your local station, but with the added convenience of delivery. We enjoy making our customers’ lives easier, and Fuelswipe eliminates the chore of stopping for fuel (forever).

Can I order Fuelswipe for my entire office?

Yes, up to 16 vehicles can be fuelled at the office per order. Speak to your office manager and see if your company are prepared to pay for the service charge in order to offer a staff incentive. Who knows, if you don't need to fuel your car, you might stay at work a little longer. Everyone's a winner.